About Us

1. To be of service to the Sri Lankan expatriate community in Ontario to lead happy and fulfilled lives and in the spirit of multiculturalism to promote its integration into the larger Canadian Society and the Canadian way of life even as it maintains joyously its own identity and culture

2. To be of assistance to anyone or any group of people in need of help and assistance, in Sri Lanka or here in Canada; pursuing the noble practice of Christian ethics of love and caring for others exemplified by Christ’s unconditional love for humanity thus becoming witnesses to His redemptive purpose

3. Take conscious and conscientious steps to ensure the education and moral formation of the Community’s children, particularly its youth, so that they will be equipped with character and spiritual strength to cope with the challenges of both materialism and secularism upholding Christian values

4. To promote awareness, a deeper understanding of the Christian Faith and the Catholic Doctrine of Holy Mother the Church through seminars, conferences, talks, cenacles of family prayer, meditation retreats or other similar activities for the purpose of building a vibrant fellowship among the membership

5. As a visible manifestation of Christian love and caring for others to raise funds for charitable ventures either here in Canada or abroad and for works of mercy among the needy irrespective of all differences

6. To organize Masses on Sundays and/or on special occasions for the purpose of keeping alive the tradition of faith and communion of all who follow Christ and his Teaching

7. To promote both spiritual and temporal welfare of the expatriate Catholic community living in Ontario through self-help and mutual help activities to bring out the best in each member

8. As Sri Lankan expatriates living in the affluent West, to actively support social uplift programs and especially poverty alleviation measure in Sri Lanka