Midland - Holy Mass (Fund Raiser) - 2019

Dear Friends of the Canada Sri Lanka Catholic Association Ontario

This is a very personal request. No pressure on any one, but I really appreciate if you can support us the way you all supported us last 6 years to achieve our goals.

This year also we are not having any fund raising event / dinner dances to cover the costs for our 7th annual mass in Midland Church as well other cost during the year. Also we have a special mission to help Victims of Sri Lanka too. Same as last year we are doing a Mass booklet / souvenir and we have always been fortunate in relying on generous donors and sponsors such as yourself.

You can donate in memory of love one too (attached a sample format) - Customize the way you like

Herewith please find attached the Sponsor / Donor latter & we are printing a over 500 souvenirs & who ever willing to give a advertisement for their business they will have more publicity than the dance. Also all the Sponsors / donors names will be printed on the book (either your name, donation in memory of a loved one with options to remain anonymous). Any amount will be accepted.

Our rates are very competitive and most importantly, it is to fund a very deserving need of the community.

We look forward to your generous support and even more to see you with your family and friends on July 28th at Midland (see attached flyers).

If you have any clarification please free to call me on 647 274 0936. Please note we will issue a receipt for your donation.

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