Midland - Holy Mass - 2018

Dear Friends of the Canada Sri Lanka Catholic Association Ontario

After the blessed Lent and Easter we are getting united for our Annual Pilgrimage at Martyrs' Shrine which will happen on 22nd July 2018. With the grace of God our dear Rt. Rev. Dr. Raymond Wickramasinghe (Bishop of Galle), will be here as our main celebrant.

As we can see these are all the graces that we have received from God. We are inviting all of your families, friends, relatives, and coworkers etc to give thanks to our gentle, loving, kind mother who is the dispenser of all graces.

We understand you all are excited to join us as one family. Please have a look at the attachment for more details.

We would like your participation especially as Altar Servers, Volunteers, and the offertory Possession. If you are willing to participate in the offertory, you may bring something you wish to offer to the Lord and bring it up to the Altar during the offertory procession. Please inform us about your participation.

We look forward to seeing you with your family and friends at both these events. Please forward this information to all your friends and family.

Venue - Martyr's Shrine Midland Ontario
Date & Time - Sunday July 22nd 2018
Annual Pilgrimage to Mother Mary as Community of Sri Lanka

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