All Souls Mass 2014

This day would not have been possible without God working through Rev. Fr. Joe. It was a very precious day for our Catholic Community in Toronto.

Thank you most sincerely Fr. Joe. for answering such a tremendous calling to bring Bishop Raymond to Canada and helping us know, what some Parishes in our homeland, are facing.

Also when we the (Canada Sri Lanka Catholic Association Ontario) was planning to have our annual All Souls day mass in Sinhala, and needless to say, dear Fr. Mervin got ill (and Fr. Calixtus too not feeling well, and having to travel a long distance to come to Toronto) we had no priest to help us, in fact nobody to say a mass in Sinhala for one of the most populated cities in Canada, Just then you had Most. Rev. Bishop Raymond visiting and offered a visiting Bishop for us to hold a Sinhala mass. It seems to us, quite unbelievable yet so very true.

We are truly blessed and thank God for His mercy on us. Thank you for your continued support and guidance. We admire your courage and pray that you will continue to be with us in our journey of faith. God bless you and keep you safe and healthy always The Committee of the Canada Sri Lanka Catholic Association Ontario